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The History of Pine Ridge

Pine Ridge Golf Centre opened in 1993 and is part of 260 acres of land owned by Frimley Fuel Allotments (FFA). Two centuries ago, fuel allotments were a common feature in rural England. As coal/coke became widely available, many of these allotments were converted to cultivation.

The FFA was formalised by an Act of Parliament in 1785, enabling the Lord of the Manor of Frimley to use this land for the specific purpose of providing wood and turf for the hearths of the parish poor (in those days defined by an annual income of less than £5).

It remained like this into the beginning of the twentieth century. The Frimley Fuel Allotments Charity (FFAC) was then constituted in 1903 and a scheme for the application of income was ordered by the Charity Commission. The purpose of the charity remains to provide relief of need, hardship, and distress (note, all three) in the Parish of Frimley, as it was known at the time.